Caitlyn Duff is one of the Bose Public Affairs interns for fall 2019 in the Washington, D.C. office. She is a senior at American University majoring in religious studies with double minors in law and society, and education studies.

This past spring, Caitlyn studied abroad in Varanasi, India pursuing her passion for education by conducting self-directed ethnographic research on social mobility through Indian education policy. Caitlyn taught 6th-8th grade four days a week at a grass-roots, non-profit school in the gullies of Varanasi. Caitlyn also has worked in the grass-roots, non-profit education sector in Washington, D.C., planning lessons and engaging in trauma-informed outreach with at-risk youth and homeless adults. This past summer, she worked at the state-level in Vermont, her home state, in the proficiency based education and financial literacy sectors. As an intern at Bose Public Affairs Group, Caitlyn works on education advocacy at the federal level, expanding her understanding of the education sector.

After completing this internship, Caitlyn hopes to graduate in May 2020 and pursue a career in teaching with the long-term goal of receiving a master’s degree in education policy. Caitlyn believes that to become a teacher is to be a change-maker and she is interested in teaching both domestically and abroad. Ultimately, Caitlyn wants to be well-educated and well-cultured with an informed lens on how to make an impact on youth through the most innovative socially aware and trauma-informed teaching practices.