Jenna Douglas is a recent graduate from Georgetown University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and completed a significant amount of course work in the field of justice and peace studies.

Jenna attributes her time at Georgetown for deepening her passion for education equity and justice. As a mentor for students in the D.C. court system, Jenna witnessed first-hand how education inequality negatively impacts students, particularly from underserved populations, by limiting their opportunity to succeed. Her experience as a mentor motivated her to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that students in the juvenile justice system face. As a research assistant for the Georgetown Community Research Group and Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc., Jenna sought to better understand these challenges and explore how the system can be reformed to better support the needs of students in the juvenile justice system at a community level.

This past summer Jenna channeled her interests into an internship with the Alliance for Excellent Education. During her time as a policy and advocacy intern, Jenna spent time researching best practices within education and participating in Capitol Hill meetings to advocate for improving the educational outcomes of students from underserved communities. Excited to continue these efforts, Jenna is looking forward to supporting Bose Public Affairs and their clients in education policy.  She is particularly excited to continue learning about and advocating for legislation with a focus on equity.

An aspiring educator, Jenna is a fervent believer in the power that education holds to transform the lives of students. She plans to use her passion for education to pursue a career in education, helping to improve access and opportunity for historically underserved students and the communities that support them.