Jodi Peterson is a senior policy advisor at Bose Public Affairs Group, where she advises on projects related to the STEM Education Coalition, an organization she founded and chairs. Bose Public Affairs Group clients benefit from the relationship with the STEM Education Coalition, as the coalition’s mission is to raise awareness amongst policymakers at every level about the critical role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Jodi has experience working collaboratively with stakeholders from the education, business, industry and the STEM communities to secure federal policies and funding that would best support STEM education.

Prior to joining Bose Public Affairs Group, Jodi served as assistant executive director for communications, legislative and public affairs for the National Science Teachers Association. During her over 25 years at NSTA, she directed national public relations, outreach and advocacy activities focused on K-12 science and STEM education. She is widely regarded for her expertise in K-12 science and STEM education policy, research, funding and legislation on Capitol Hill and in state capitals nationwide.