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Brandon Kirkham

Great shifts in national and global economics and politics have fundamentally altered the federal political landscape in Washington, DC. Today, individuals and organizations who seek to understand and influence the legislative and regulatory processes of the federal government face a vastly different set of challenges and opportunities than just a few years ago.

In the current environment, our successful federal strategies are built on a more diverse skill-set, one that combines traditional relationship-based advocacy with informed policy analysis and innovative grassroots, grass tops media and public relations capabilities.

Our resourcefulness provides a secure pathway through the roadblocks the federal government presents. Bose Public Affairs Group offers a crosscutting array of government relations and public affairs capabilities, with areas of expertise in energy, education, infrastructure, natural resources, appropriations and local governance, among others. Simply put, we provide the agility necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic political atmosphere.

Federal Government Engagement – We devise and execute comprehensive strategies to professionally influence the federal legislative and regulatory processes on behalf of a wide range of corporate, philanthropic and civic sector clients. 

Political Intelligence Gathering and Analysis – We help our clients “see around corners” by identifying emerging trends in Congress and the Executive Branch and incorporating them into strategy development.

Policy and Partnership Development  We develop innovative “win-win” federal policy initiatives and bring them to fruition through strategic partnerships with major trade associations and think tanks.

Issues Management – We work directly with our clients’ leadership teams and business units to identify and prioritize legislative and regulatory opportunities and threats at the federal, state and local level.

Washington, DC Fly-In & Congressional Outreach Service – We provide logistical, strategic planning and outreach for organizations visiting the U.S. Capitol to meet with Members of Congress and their staff, whether in-person or via online meeting platforms.


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