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Andrew Miller

The halls of Indiana government can often be a mystery to businesses and organizations that are faced with government-related challenges and issues that need to be confronted. In today’s competitive market, organizations are turning to all three branches of state government to create, administer and interpret laws and regulations in order to meet their policy and fiscal goals.

Our Indiana government relations practice is widespread, encompassing a full range of government affairs services that include direct lobbying, legislative monitoring, strategic message development, and regulatory affairs, as well as legal services through our affiliate law firm, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP. In addition, we develop coalitions, lead grassroots campaigns and manage PACs. 

Our success is based on our experience, core strengths and a bipartisan commitment

Bose Public Affairs Group provides clients substantive expertise in the long-term legislative and regulatory representation of businesses, trade associations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and industries.

Our areas of experience include energy, transportation, tax, education, insurance, economic development, gaming and horse racing, congressional appropriations, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sports and entertainment, agriculture, technology, banking, environment and labor. 

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